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Tobia Longarini designer

Italian Handcrafted shoes

Our products, being exclusively Made in Italy, have a significant heritage which is acclaimed around the world.

However, Tobia Longarini's creations go even beyond the usual standard leaving a footprint that presents to the world the capacity, intelligence, environment, work culture, creativity and innovation starting off Italian High Fashion.

High Fashion designer Tobia Longarini is the author and creator of the brand that bears his name.

The idea to start producing this kind of footwear was born from the vicissitudes of life which provided him with the main inspiration. Tobia tells his story: “My reflections first stirred me to write a poem and, soon after, to create models of shoes that could express my emotions and would allow me to leave a significant mark on my name that will pass to my children".

Inspired to an old - almost forgotten - feeling, the brand Tobia Longarini  was born and constituted on the idea of "aspiration to freedom" aiming to unite shoe and foot as if they were one single element  and producing enveloping, soft, light, almost impalpable, fused with the ground footwear in the search of natural energy, momentum, strength, and sensitivity.

TL men's footwear is designed for a strong-minded, dynamic man with great personality.

Wearing Tobia Longarini's creations means being protected while feeling barefoot, just try them on to feel the difference.

Tobia Longarini shoes are made using  ancient Italian artisan techniques from the traditional region of Marche.

This new line of footwear is constituted with the highest level of quality which encompasses years of great passion in  leather manufacturing.

Our brand offers you both leisure and elegant models, handcrafted using top quality leather not only for the outer layer but also for the inner parts. 

This powerful brand expresses creativity, style and a taste for extravagant fashion.

All Tobia Longarini's creations clearly  show a passion for craftmanship in leather manifacturing.

Therefore, Tobia Longarini's creations  Exclusive luxury shoes are a precious and comfortable footwear produced with only the finest leathers.


poesia Longarini

Artisan quality made in Italy

 Tobia Longarini's footwear is entirely handmade following an advanced design through a manufacturing technique which provides seams completely hand-stitched by master craftsmen in the traditional region of Marche. They only use top quality natural leather (calfskin, foal skin, suede, Italian hide et c.) which provides each shoe with the highest quality to render it enveloping comfortable and elegant.

 All TL footwear provide a stable ground thus emproving comfort. Some models fit even more easily thanks to top quality opening zips. Rubber soled creations are ideal for moving around in areas with low temperatures and unsettled climates. Tobia Longarini's characteristic unmistakable style does not go unnoticed. It expresses a strong design research which, together with the highest quality materials used for every part, produces footwear for every occasion: elegant, leisure, sports shoes but all typified by a unique sophistication.