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 Tobia Longarini stylist is author and creator of the Brand Made in Italy  that bears his name. 

The idea to start producing this type of footwear was born from the vicissitudes of life that led him to tacckle with determination the challenges of the market: "...these reflections led me by first writing poetry then to create models of shoes that express my emotions and would allow to leave a significant mark of my name, that will remain forever to my children".

The line Made in Italy Tobia Longarini brainchild of desire for freedom and old feelings, almost forgotten, the desire to join a shoe craftsmanship to the foot as if it were a single element, almost impalpable his personality, with smooth soles leather Italian in direct contact with the ground in search of natural energy momentum of force sensitivity.

Strengths of all creations Tobia Longarini have the taste for italian craftmanship and elegance of leather worked with passion, the use of finest leathers in the world make footwear Tobia Longarini precious besides comfortable. 

The shoes are made Tobia Longarini using the ancient techniques of shoemaking Marche - Italy.

From Tobia Longarini a line of footwear new Made in Italy, creative and high quality, which encloses the years a great passion for the skin.

The Brand of Terracina - Italy offers a sports shoe - formal and design, made with the top of the leather used for the lining.

Creativity, style and good taste with a touch of extravagance fashion are the strengths of the brand Made in Italy.

Shoe for a modern and dynamic man strong.


" Try it and you will not wear anything else ... "

Inspired to an old - almost forgotten - feeling, the brand Tobia Longarini  was born and constituted on the idea of "aspiration to freedom" aiming to unite shoe and foot as if they were one single element  and producing enveloping, soft, light, almost impalpable, fused with the ground footwear in the search of natural energy, momentum, strength, and sensitivity.

TL men's footwear is designed for a strong-minded, dynamic man with great personality.

Wearing Tobia Longarini's creations means being protected while feeling barefoot, just try them on to feel the difference. 


poesia Tobia Longarini